Dal Niente in So Cal: Claremont

  • Garrison Theater 231 E Tenth St Claremont, CA

For their sojourn in Southern California, Dal Niente brings their incisive interpretation and electric performance style to four pieces written for them by composers who push the boundaries of new music in radically different directions. Dal Niente's Scripps Presents performance in Claremont will feature three of those works: compositions by Natacha Diels, Greg Saunier, and Katherine Young. The group’s recent collaboration with indie-art rockers Deerhoof is showcased with Greg Saunier’s Deerhoof Chamber Variations: a quirky, fragmentary medley of excerpts from the band’s catalog is arranged for chamber ensemble and voices, recasting Deerhoof songs in half-familiar classical styles with a disarming charm. Natacha Diels' Elpis twists our culturally established conceptions of image in mind-bending ways through the inventive application of objects, bodies, and instruments. Dal Niente’s October 29 performance at Garrison Theater also features Katherine Young’s like a halo, a work of keen sonic inventiveness that was an audience favorite at Dal Niente’s season-closing PARTY 2016.

Katherine Young - like a halo (2014/15) for soprano, saxophone, horn, harp, piano, violin

Natacha Diels - Elpis (2016) for two sopranos, saxophone, horn, percussion, MIDI keyboard, cello, three assistants, video projections, electronics

Greg Saunier - Deerhoof Chamber Variations (2013) for two sopranos, saxophone, horn, harp, piano, violin, cello, and bass

Giacinto Scelsi - Okanagon (1968) for harp, bass, percussion

Franco Donatoni - Ala - I (1983) for cello, bass

Alexandre Lunsqui - Vertebrae (2016) for solo percussion