DN Presents: Jesse Langen, guitar

  • Constellation 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

Jesse Langen plays a recital of new music for electric guitar with themes of transference and duplication, ranging from the exquisite to the nightmarish.  The show will include multiple guitars and stations, with stereo setups, electronics, and talkbox.

Pablo Chin - House of Mirrors: Concentric Etudes for Electric Guitar

Santiago Diez-Fischer - Residual Switch (2014, revised 2016)

Andres Carrizo - Have You Ever Been (2016)

Jenna Lyle - So Lately I’ve Been Thinking A Lot about Cause and Effect (2014)

Sivan Cohen Elias - Hack (2015)

Marcel Duchamp, arr. Fredrick Gifford - Musical Sculpture (1934, arr. 2016)