Frequency Festival: Hard Music, Hard Liquor

  • Constellation 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

Dal Niente’s (in)famous Hard Music, Hard Liquor series returns, once again featuring individual performers in solo pieces that push the limits of instrumental possibility, and large-scale ensemble pieces that redefine those limits in a collective context.

The concert opens with the Chicago premiere of Huck Hodge’s Apophenia, an ensemble work that explores spectral harmonies with the composer’s trademark “sparkle and thunder” (New York Times).  Murat Çolak’s new composition for ensemble and multi-sensory media will conclude the event. A fitting close to a week-long festival, Çolak’s piece will take “the form of a trance-state reached via exposure to high-energy sounds and intense performance situations... concepts and sound-worlds Murat creates originate in the sacred chants of the İstanbul tilâvet tradition, repetitive drone music of Central Anatolia and underground electronic dance music of İstanbul's (as well as Chicago's) club scene.” Mind-blowing solo performances by Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (voice), Mabel Kwan (piano), and Ben Melsky (harp) will be staggered around quick trips to Constellation’s bar for a drink; you’ll need one. This concert will mark the close of the second annual Frequency Festival of new music, hosted by writer and impresario Peter Margasak.

Murat Çolak - World Premiere (2017) for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, electronics

Huck Hodge - Apophenia (2014) for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello

Ray Evanoff - World Premiere (2017) for solo piano

Mark Andre - un-fini I (1996) for solo harp

Michael Baldwin - Various Terrains ( ≡ degrees of similarity) (2011) for solo voice

Joan LaBarbara - Circular Song (1975)