DN Presents: Greg Beyer, percussion

  • Constellation 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

Dal Niente percussionist Gregory Beyer presents “At the Crossroads,” a program that juxtaposes many of the solo works he has performed with Dal Niente in past several years with his ongoing commitment to composing original material for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau musical bow. Beyer will be joined by his ensemble, Projeto Arcomusical, for a short set of music at the end of the program.


Gregory Beyer:

Gregory Beyer - Berimbau Solo no. 1 (2004)
Alexandre Lunsqui - Diogenes’ Lantern (2010)
Raphaël Cendo - Scratch Data (2002)
Andrew Noble - Just Visiting (2001)
Mikel Kuehn - Devouring Time (2010)
Alexandre Lunsqui - Vertebrae (2015)
Gregory Beyer - Berimbau Solo no. 5 (2016)

Projeto Arcomusical:

Alexis Lamb - Apenas Seja (2015)
Kyle Flens - Echoes (2017)
Gregory Beyer - Berimbau Sextet no. 1 ‘Kora’ (2015)