DN Presents: Greg Beyer, percussion

  • Constellation 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL

Dal Niente percussionist Gregory Beyer presents “You Did This to Me!” For the occasion of his 44th birthday, Beyer offers a recital of every solo work he has performed with Dal Niente since first performing with the ensemble in 2011. Join us for this special opportunity to reflect and reconsider a large body of diverse and challenging works that, taken as a whole, celebrate joyous personal transformation through engagement with the musical community.

John Cage - Child of Tree (1975)

Iannis Xenakis - Psappha (1975)

Raphaël Cendo - Scratch Data (2002)

Philippe Hurel - Loops II (2002)

Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez - Winik/Te’ (2005)

Mikel Kuehn - Devouring Time (2010)

Alexandre Lunsqui - Diogenes’ Lantern (2010)

Alexandre Lunsqui - Vertebrae (2015)