Coming Together

"Coming Together" is an audio/video concert experience developed by Dal Niente to reflect the striking diversity of styles present in American music making. Each composition is enhanced with live video art created and realized by Chicago-based artist Alejandro Acierto. The core repertoire of the concert draws inspiration from music styles that are distinctly American: pieces by Rzewski and Glass are some of the most revered examples of musical minimalism and Lewis' Assemblage is an example of a composer with a distinct background (free jazz) that takes elements of various musical traditions and fuses them together to create an absorbingly fresh experience. Additional repertoire options offer opportunities to add new works to the repertoire, along with new relationships and ideas, complemented by customized video art.

Musicians Used:

11 (includes video artist)

Core Repertoire:

George Lewis - Assemblage (16')
Frederic Rzewski - Coming Together (19')
Philip Glass - Music in Contrary Motion (15')

Optional Repertoire:

Lee Hyla - The Dream of Innocent III (17')
World Premiere Composition(s)

Previous Presenters:

Ensemble Dal Niente's Chicago Concert Season

Related Media:

Watch Alejandro Acierto's video art accompanied by Dal Niente's performance of Assemblage by George Lewis.