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Assemblage: Dal Niente Presents the Music of George Lewis @ The Art Institute of Chicago

“In fact, improvisation is everywhere - but it’s very hard to see.”
— George Lewis

Celebrate the release of Assemblage*, Dal Niente’s portrait album of the works of George Lewis, with a weekend of music, art, and conversation at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Known for his decades of work as an improviser, composer, scholar, trombonist, and computer musician, George writes music to "generate a feeling of being far from equilibrium, encouraging listeners to do what we do best—stay in the moment and be ready for anything."

Dal Niente performs Assemblage in its entirety at the Art Institute's Fullerton Hall, with a pre-concert talk by George Lewis, philosopher Arnold Davidson, and writer John Corbett of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

*Assemblage (ah-sim-BLAHJ): “Both the title and the content of Assemblage refer to a type of visual artmaking that recombines and recontextualizes collections of natural and human-made objects. Assemblage-like processes were deployed in the early 20th century work of Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Louise Nevelson, and later, Jean Dubuffet[...] Artists active in the 1960s and after, including Noah Purifoy, Betye Saar, John Outterbridge, and David Hammons, adopted and extended the assemblage process, recycling and reframing both the quotidian urban detritus of modern civilization and the products of the human body as a means of establishing a historically synchronic creation of an African imaginary in African America.”
— George Lewis, "Assemblage" liner notes