"Canciones" is the result of an ongoing cultural exchange between Dal Niente and Latin American composers which has led to performances abroad in Mexico, Colombia, and Panama. Dal Niente believes that increased dialogued throughout the Americas is demanded by our shared history and diversity, and so we are thus devoted to ongoing efforts to commission and interact with Latin American musicians. From the beautiful to the violent, the contemplative to the politically charged, and the traditional to the experimental, "Canciones" invites listeners to expand their artistic world through introductions to composers representing multiple cultures and histories throughout the Americas.

Musicians Used:

5-6 (some pieces require a 6th musician or amplification)

Core Repertoire:

Francisco Castillo Trigueros - Geografías (17')
Federico Garcia-De Castro - Memoria (13')
Andrés Carrizo - Trance Formations I: Gristly Rave (14')

Optional Repertoire:

Rodolfo Acosta - veraderos negativos (11')
David Reminick - Juegos de Perros (2')
Marcos Balter - ear, skin, and bones riddles (4')
Giulio Caccini - Alme Luci Beate (4')

Previous Presenters:

Biblioteca del Banco de la República (Colombia)
Foro Internacional de Musica Neuva (Mexico City)
MusicArte Panama
Chicago Latino Music Festival
Universidad de Javeriana (Colombia)

Related Media:

Click "play" below to listen to an excerpt of Francisco Castillo Trigueros' Geografias:

Click "play" below to listen to an excerpt of Roldofo Acosta's verdaderos negativos:

Click "play" below to listen to an excerpt of Andres Carrizo's Trance Formations - Gristly Rave:

Click "play" below to listen to an excerpt of Federico Garcia-De Castro's Memoria:

Ensemble Dal Niente's 2015 Latin American Tour included performances and educational activities in Mexico City, Bogotá, and Panama City. Of the 16 composers featured on tour, this video includes excerpts and interviews with 6 of them: Francisco Castillo Trigueros, Rodolfo Acosta, Federico Garcia-De Castro, Andrés Carrizo, Curtis Rumrill, and Carlos Sánchez-Gutiérrez.