In Vain

Now enjoying a cult international reputation as an unmissable performance, Simon Rattle considers Georg Friedrich Haas' in vain to be "an astonishing work of art." Written in 2000, the work's ambitious nature takes its inspiration from the recurring threat of radical-right political activity in Austro-Germany. When witnessed live, in vain is a life-changing work that incorporates theatrical lighting and total darkness to create an immersive, sensual experience. To accompany in vain, Dal Niente offers repertoire written for the ensemble with similarly large instrumentations and appropriately contrasting moods.

Musicians Used:

25 (plus theatrical lighting)

Core Repertoire:

Georg Friedrich Haas - in vain (62')

Optional Repertoire:

George Lewis - Assemblage (16')
Murat Çolak New Work (20')
Chris Fisher-Lochhead - stutter-step the concept (15')
Pierce Gradone - To Paint Their Madness (10')

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Related Media:

The video below showcases a complete live performance of in vain by Dal Niente.

Ensemble Dal Niente, the contemporary music group based in Chicago, performed mind-bending recent pieces by American composer George E. Lewis and Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, including one world premiere.
— Washington Post