Superb… Included was Carola Bauckholt’s “Zopf” (1992, revised 1994), for flute, oboe and clarinet. This work uses a vocabulary of sounds both familiar and unfamiliar, juxtaposing long, alarmed notes against squeals, sucks and sibilance before culminating in the swish of a cassette tape case, swaying on its hinges, and the rasp of a hand drill.
— The New York Times


Palettes features Ensemble Dal Niente's woodwind trio of flutist Emma Hospelhorn, oboist Andy Nogal, and clarinetist Katie Schoepflin. In this varied program, each instrument is introduced with a solo work and then blended with others in wildly different sonic palettes that alternately sing, squeak, and “pluck”, with sounds that range from the delicate to the bombastic. Much of the repertoire has been premiered by these performers, who curate programs that feature the full palette of sounds available to contemporary woodwind players, from kaleidoscopic quarter tones, to ethereal trills, to jazzy pizzicatos.

Musicians Used:


Core TRIO Repertoire:

Hans Abrahamsen - Flowersongs (11')
Carola Bauckholt Zopf  (8')
Brian Ferneyhough In Nomine a 3 (2')
Alex Temple Thick Line (4')

ADDITIONAL Repertoire:

Augusta Read Thomas Capricci - "Hummingbird Romance" for flute & clarinet (5')
Pierce Gradone - Automaton for solo bass clarinet (11')
Anthony Cheung Après une lecture for solo oboe (8')
Alican Çamci - karalama for solo oboe (4')
Toshio Hosokawa - Vertical Song I for solo flute (7')
Takuma Tanikawa - uzu 2 for solo flute (4')

Previous Presenters:

New York University's Waverly Project
Spectrum NYC

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