Piece Her Together consists of two staged compositions that examine how we construct identity amidst fragmentation of information. The first, Eliza Brown’s The Body of the State, is a monodrama about 16th century Spanish queen Juana of Castile, known as “Juana the Mad.” The work aims for a nuanced portrayal of Juana’s psychological deterioration in the context of her oppressive, hierarchical family and society. Rather than serving as a pit orchestra, the instrumentalists are onstage, providing a theatrical and musical representation of the fraught relationships and social forces that governed Juana’s existence. By depicting Juana’s deterioration as a result of her increased powerlessness in this charged musical environment, the work aims to empathetically illustrate the psychological consequences suffered by victims of institutionalized oppression. Katherine Young’s When stranger things happen is inspired by Kelly Link’s story “The Girl Detective,” a noir meditation on loss, myths of femininity, and the potential of the imagination. The Girl Detective’s investigation takes her up trees; into dreams - hers and other people’s; and down into an underworld where lost things accumulate and where stranger things happen. Link’s story contains many lists…of misplaced, missing, found, and untethered objects that the Girl Detective encounters. By asking members of Dal Niente to share their own lists of lost items, Young has added to Link’s tallies. The important and unimportant things lost then become tools for making sound and for preparing traditional instruments. Changes in the Girl Detective's sense of time and place will be accentuated by video projections against a minimal set populated by musicians in alternating combinations.


14 plus Operations Director


Eliza Brown - The Body of the State (30')
Katherine Young - When stranger things happen (45')