Leave it to Dal Niente to dream up programs even cutting-edge new music performers in New York and the West Coast don’t appear to be interested in... My hat’s off to Dal Niente for introducing Andre’s weird, idiosyncratic but oddly cathartic new music to the city and for doing so with such palpable skill, zest and dedication. They surrounded this music with works by Anton Webern and John Cage, avant-garde provocateurs of earlier generations.
— Chicago Tribune

Proximity Portraits

Ensemble Dal Niente's Proximity series seeks to introduce audiences to composers from around the globe whose music is rarely performed in Chicago. As often as possible, Dal Niente musicians work directly with Proximity composers - sometimes performing with them - to develop informed and nuanced interpretations of their music, as well as works that have influenced them.

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Past Composers:

Mark Andre (Proximity concert in 2012)
Louis Andriessen (performed 6 works)
Georghes Aperghis (performed 3 works)
Marcos Balter (performed 11 works)
Luciano Berio (performed 11 works)
John Cage (performed 6 works)
Raphaël Cendo (Proximity concert in 2014)
Chaya Czernowin (Proximity concert in 2012)
Franco Donatoni (performed 7 works)
Jason Eckardt (performed 3 works)
Aaron Einbond (performed 6 works)
Brian Ferneyhough (performed 3 works)
Beat Furrer (performed 3 works)
Lee Hyla (performed 8 works)
Johannes Kreidler (Proximity concert in 2013)
Mikel Kuehn (performed 5 works)
Helmut Lachenmann (performed 3 works)
George Lewis (performed 4 works)
Gyorgy Ligeti (performed 7 works)
Enno Poppe (Proximity concert in 2016) 
Stefan Prins (performed 3 works)
Augusta Read Thomas (performed 6 works)
Kaija Saariaho (Proximity concert in 2009)
Rebecca Saunders (Proximity concert in 2015)
Giacinto Scelsi (performed 6 works)
Salvatore Sciarrino (performed 6 works)
Mathias Spahlinger (Proximity concert in 2015)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (performed 6 works)
Hans Thomalla (performed 4 works)
Mark Anthony Turnage (Proximity concert in 2010)
Chinary Ung (Proximity concert in 2012)
Claude Vivier (performed 5 works),
Chou Wen-Chung (Proximity concert at the University of Chicago in 2014)
Iannis Xenakis (performed 5 works)
Jay Alan Yim (performed 4 works)

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Watch a video recap of Dal Niente's Proximity collaboration with Raphaël Cendo.