It was the kind of evening — intellectually stimulating, impeccably performed and full of surprising, jaw-dropping beauty —that lingers in the mind long after the final note has faded.
— Chicago Classical Review

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As a 21st century artist-driven organization, Ensemble Dal Niente relies on contributions, both large and small, to support innovative programming, high-caliber performances, and education programs to young musicians and audiences. Your generosity enables us to continue our mission of presenting the fiercest music of recent decades and serves as an investment not only in our organization, but also in the future of contemporary music and art.

Ensemble Dal Niente is a publicly supported, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. To support our current season, make a secure online donation below.



Donations can be submitted by mail to the following address:

Ensemble Dal Niente
4045 N. Rockwell Street, Suite 312
Chicago, IL 60618


Current Donors (as of 9/1/2016)

niente ($10,000-$19,999)

Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

pianissimo ($5,000-$9,999)

The Aaron Copland Fund
Gaylord and Dorothy

Donnelley Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

piano ($2,500-$4,999)

Alice M. Ditson Fund for New Music
Columbia University

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Jean Klingenstein

mezzo-piano ($1,000-$2,499)

BMI Foundation
Jonathan Becker
John Bierbusse
Laura Chen
Elizabeth Cifani
Jason Cox
John and Gail DeBoer
Ashley Goldmintz
Katherine Kerpan
Fred and Joan Schoepflin
Emilio Williams

sonoro ($500-$999)

Baird and Carol Brown
Darwin Corrin
James and Mary Helen Eschman
April Faith-Slaker
Ashley Goldmintz
InfoMagnetics Technologies, Inc.
Benjamin Melsky
Michael Oman
Chris Wild
Mei Wu

mezzo forte ($250-$499)

Eric and Shirley Brod
Melissa and Steve Brod
Peter Chan
Andrew Edwards
Dolan Geiman
Michael Lewanski
Melynda Lopin
Susan and Alan Melsky
Matthew Meltzer
Alyca Mitchell
Carrie Henneman Shaw
Katelyn Simon

forte ($100-$249)

Ana Acena
Barbara Beeson
Chris and Laurie Brod
Seth Brodsky and Jude Stewart
Edward and Janet Buchner
Peter and Isabella Chung
Robert and Marcia Coleman
Samuel Dorf
Abby and David Edler
Christine Eschman
Renee Finnell
Tomás Gueglio
Jennifer Harris
Jane Heron
Will Huff
Frances Huster
Julia Huster
John and Darlene Imhoff
Roger and Georgia Imhoff-Smith
Christopher Wendell Jones
Debra Kauffman
Chase and Heather Kimball
Dan Knaus
Connie Kwan
Mabel Kwan
Martha Lehman
Susan Litoff and Judy Bard
Irmi Maunu-Kocian
Bonnie McGrath
Ellen McSweeney and Susan Stokdyk
Rob Milburn and Amy Morton
Ronald Mills
Calvin Moore
Gregory Nigosian
Roger and Pamela Nogal
Sandra Nowak
Brian Penkrot
Robert Reinhart
Sammy Sugiura
Taimur Sullivan

fortissimo ($50-$99)

Sylvia and Alex Acierto
Philipp Blume
Natalie Bontumasi
Brian and Pam Brody
Camille Constantin
Bernard Debroski
Timothy Edwards
Susan Flaga
Brian Gill
Charity Golter
Rohit and Pooja Gupta
Jane Heron
Barb Hiller
Stephen Hollenberg
Keith Karlson
Connie Kwan
Maciej Milowicki
Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Nikko Moy
Matthew Oliphant
Brian Penkrot
Jan and Bob Radtke
Russell Rolen
Hugo Seda
Sara Strattan
The Thakkar Family

explosivo ($1-$49)

Alejandro Acierto
Astrid Bennet
Stephen Brod
Eliza Brown
Kayleigh Butcher
Aliçan Camci
Emmi Hilger
Cheryl Kujawinski
Jeannie Lukow
Peter Martin
Michael and Dierdre O’Day
Alex Temple