Dal Niente Tours Colombia, Mexico, and Panama

Six Ensemble Dal Niente musicians recently returned from a three-week tour of Latin America, made possible by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's International Connections Fund. With stops in Mexico City, Bogotá, and Panama City, the tour presented incredible opportunities to work with new composers, perform in spectacular venues, and engage with hundreds of audience members and students in each city. The ensemble gave four world premiere performances of new works by Andres Carrizo, Francisco Castillo Trigueros, Federico Garcia, and Curtis Rumrill.

Dal Niente conductor and artistic coordinator Michael Lewanski offers this reflection on the impact of the tour:

"Our engagement with this music starts the process of building a deeper connection between cultures with some differences, but also with many significant similarities. It begins to broaden the definition of what 'American' music is -- not simply the works from the Northern part of the continent, but rather a branching-out of various different musics, styles, and practices that have deeply enriching affect on listeners, musicians and composers who engage with it."

The gallery below features images taken over the course of the tour.